A New Breeze from the Ocean.

Mansfield Textiles, Inc. is located in Vernon, California near the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the fastest growing textile manufacturers in the Southern California. Mansfield is dedicated in manufacturing textiles that feel and touch as natural as a summer sea breeze. Naturally, cotton, cotton blends and cellulose fibers are the key products of Mansfield. Technical innovations, creative mindset and industry leading information technology are some of the reasons behind its great success story.

Mansfield Textiles Inc. is engaged in knitting and distributing of textile products to United States domestic wholesale clothing manufacturers with highly skilled personnel, and efficient production methods in a strong commitment to technology and quality, unprecedented in our industry.

Mansfield Textiles, Inc. began operation in Gardena, California in December 1995. In 1997, operations were moved to a modern facility encompassing 55,000 square feet with 60 new and updated knitted machines and 50 employees who share our vision and dedication.

Mansfield Textile, Inc. has $20 million in revenues this year and has strong background entered into credit arrangements with commercial banks for working capital base on high credibility business relationship.

Moreover, our success is due to its ability to flourish and innovate in the face of change. In addition to being strong in the area of product development creative thinkers in terms of developing up-to-date internal information technology, allowing us to have the correct merchandise in stock right time.

Today, in order to maintain its competitive advantage over its competitors, and to better server its customers, Mansfield Textiles, Inc. continues its efforts locally in North and South America and our goal in globally across overseas markets.